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Boston Minstrel Company Silouette

Minstrel n  (Historical Term) a medieval wandering musician who performed songs or recited poetry with instrumental accompaniment

Vision:  Making music with heart among isolated people living in poverty.


When the loneliness of seclusion and pain of homelessness are impacted by music, a sense of human connection and positive change develops.  When guest or resident becomes the performer, there is transformation.  Hope is forged. Live interactive music activates joy and conjures up possibility.  Music heals.

Enter the Boston Minstrels, Boston’s troupe of volunteer singers and musicians that offer compassionate and creative musical expression to folks residing in shelters, prisons, and senior homes. Since 1991, the Minstrels have been providing energetic and warm-hearted performances that lift people’s spirits.  The benefits of live music, participatory singing and dancing are now proven to lift emotional states, ignite imagination, and arouse joy and revelry.  When the curtain falls, all are in a state of happiness and well-being.

There are over eighty Minstrel events yearly and nearly one hundred volunteers comprise the chorale.  Thousands of participants are rejuvenated every year.


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February/March Calendar


Fri Jan 13 United Parish of Auburndale 64 Hancock St., Newton 7:30 PM Rehearsal
Fri Feb 10 United Parish of Auburndale 64 Hancock St., Newton   Rehearsal
Pine Street Inn - Women's
Albany/E. Berkeley,Boston
7:30 PM Songfest
Caspar Shelter
240 Albany St., Cambridge
7:30 PM Songfest


Wed 3/8 Longwood CC 564 Hammond St., Chestnut Hill TBD Community Event
Th 3/9 Father Bill's Place 38 Broad St., Quincy 7:30 PM Songfest
Fri 3/10 United Parish of Auburndale 64 Hancock St., Newton 7:30 PM Rehearsal
Th 3/16 Holy Family Inn 1 Lingard Street, Dorchester 7:30 PM Songfest
Wed 3/22 Rosie's Place 889 Harrison Ave., Boston 5:00 PM Songfest
Th 3/23 TBD   7:30 PM WORKSHOP
Tues 3/28

MCI  South Middlesex

*must be on pre-approved list

Loring Drive, Framingham 6:30 PM Songfest
Th 3/30 TBD   7:30 PM WORKSHOP


2017 Calendar of Events




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Our formula for making music with heart is very simple.  Music creates joy, joy creates hope, and hope creates change.  Music can change the world and making music together with you is a great benefit for anyone to receive.  The power of a singing voice is transcendent.

June Rehearsal

at Pine Street Inn for Women


Testimonial from Tim McHale 5-4-16

The Minstrels played at the all-female Woods Mullen shelter last night.  It was a cold, rainy night and we had few minstrels but lots of residents attending, about 30.  We had a very spirited night.  During set-up, I was noticed and admonished by the “mopping czar”.  She was giving anyone who came near her wet floor a hard time about foot prints and being a general annoyance to her.  There was some back and forth between her and her “sisters”, it got testy at times.  I stayed clear.

After an hour and a half of great participatory singing, we sang “Imagine” in the closing circle.  One women I know for years from singing spoke at reflection time and said that she’s been homeless for so long but she moves into her apartment tomorrow!  That brought cheers and joy.  But then the “czar” got up and said the most beautiful thing.  She said, “Ladies, can you feel this?  What we have right now, this love and good feeling?  Let’s try to have this every day when we live with each other and treat each other with love and respect”.

Seems she cleaned more than floors this night.